About K|Lens Project

  • We are a high-tech start-up developing a product range based on the K|Lens Technology, an innovative image acquisition and image processing technology.
  • The K|Lens-Technology has been invented, patented, and further developed during our PhD studies with the Max-Planck-Institute for Computer Science and Saarland University.
  • Our team of highly motivated Computer Vision experts and entrepreneurs is now placed in an acceleration phase within the IT Inkubator GmbH (a joint venture of the Max-Planck Innovation GmbH and the Universität des Saarlandes Wissens- und Technologietransfer GmbH).


Our product is a removable camera add-on which, together with the accompanying software, turns every camera (industrial or photographic) into an ultimate imaging device which acquires light field, polarization, HDR, and spectral data depending on the selected configuration.

Fields of application in the industrial space are object detection, recognition, and measurement for 3D quality control, grip in a black box etc. In addition to other measurement challenges such as polarization and spectral analysis of surfaces and substances, HDR features of the technology allow it to monitor welding or brazing and other light intense processes.

On the consumer market, our technology provides photographers with an innovative creativity tool. For instance, K|Lens provides a flexible choice of focus in post-processing with 100% natural blur, perspective change, or 3D imaging with any high-performance lens and camera.


The K|Lens software enables various application possibilities based on the data captured by K|Lens in the corresponding configuration.



The K|Lens Technology is completely compatible with today´s imaging standards for cameras, objectives, and filters. It is simple, compact, and easy to integrate. It also offers free of charge benefits from any developments in the future such as higher resolution sensors, higher frame rates, and other developments in camera and sensor technology.

Single Shot

The K|Lens Technology captures all light properties in a single shot and is therefore fully video-capable. It can therefore be used for in-line quality controls or for movie making.


The K|Lens is very flexible. It can be easily mounted on any camera. It enables single shot capture of spectral, polarization, HDR and 3D data with only one system.


Industry 4.0 will require flexible industrial production. Instead of statically producing one product, production lines must be flexible and adaptable to customer requests, where many different products will be produced by the same production line. The K|Lens is an ideally suited machine vision system that allows flexible quality control of such future production. The same is true for remote sensing by drones, where weight plays a significant role. In this case, the outstanding flexibility of the K|Lens make it superior to existing systems.

The K|Lens also has potential as an imaging system for Virtual/Augmented Reality and 3D Cinema, which are gaining importance. As display technologies, such as wearable VR devices are becoming increasingly common, there is a need for efficient, flexible, and easy to use acquisition devices, like the K|Lens.

K|Lens GmbH

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